Friday, September 16, 2011

My Favorite Place to Be

Through My Brown Eyes 365~Day Three-1

Through My Brown Eyes 365~Day Three-2
If you know me well, you know that my most favorite place to be is in my creative space I call my scraproom. If I do not get to spend even just a short time in this room each day, I have withdrawal symptoms. Seriously! I love this room and wouldn't know what to do without it. The 2 photos show you just one side of the room. Maybe tomorrow I'll share the other side.

Hubby created this space for me a few years ago when he realized that I'd totally outgrown all the boxes and containers I stored my supplies in. Not to mention the fact that he was getting real tired of seeing said supplies and 'stuff' all over the house.

We have a spare bedroom that didn't really get much use so one day I asked hubby to move the bed out so I could use it to store my supplies. I added a couple tables in place of the bed and it was perfect!

As time went by, the room was getting really crowded with all the new 'stuff' I kept buying (I couldn't help myself and if you are a papercrafter, you know what I mean!) and it began to look really cluttered and disorganized.

So one day hubby said to me, "How about we move all this 'stuff' out and give the room a nice new paint job and some new lighting?" I'm like, "Are you nuts? I'll be all discombobulated without my scraproom." He says, "Come on, it'll only be for a few days. You'll survive!" Needless to say, I agreed and we moved everything out into the hallway, into the other bedrooms and some things even went into the bathroom, temporarily. I sure found out exactly how much 'stuff' I had. WOW! Good time to weed out, too!

Two weeks later...a few days, huh?....the room still wasn't complete. Mind you, it wasn't because hubby wasn't working on it very quickly, it was because he was adding a LOT more than just new paint and lighting. Much to my surprise he also put several cabinets in, a new built-in worktable, pegboard on the walls above the worktable, new wood floors, converted the closet into shelves for storage, built shelves under the worktable, installed a ceiling fan and last but not least...hooked up a small stereo system so I can listen to my favorite music while I play, I mean work in my scraproom. Totally love this room and hubby, too! What a great guy! I'd post a pic of him, too, but he's very shy and doesn't approve of posting photos of him on the 'net.

After about 3 weeks went by, I started moving my 'stuff' back in the new room even though it wasn't quite ready. I just couldn't hold off playing anymore. I was getting way behind in my scrapbooking and was beginning to freak out about that! Hubby wasn't too happy but he helped me put everything back in the room and the real fun began...trying to organize it into the new cabinets and shelving. I still continue to organize and re-organize practically on a daily basis but I don't know what I'd do without this room. I love it! It's a cheery, happy, creative space and is truly my favorite place to be.

Only 362 days to go! Woohoo!

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  1. Love your scraproom!--very bright and cheery. My studio is a favorite place of mine too. I'm there now!


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