Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Favorite Tree

Through My Brown Eyes 365-Day 11
This Birch tree is my all-time favorite tree on our property! It gives me pleasure every day when I sit on my deck or just stare at it through a window. Whether in Spring when it's just beginning to bud, in Summer when it's full of leaves, in Fall as it's dropping leaves and in Winter when it's bare and snow-covered, I love this tree!

The birds do, too! They are always hanging around entertaining us with their antics and music. Of course, the birdfeeder that hangs from one of the branches is a great magnet to attract them along with the squirrels and bunnies, too.

We planted this tree way back when we first moved into our current home in 1993. It was just a baby then and has really grown into a beautiful tree. It gets beat up a lot due to the elements and where it is located in our yard but it perseveres year after year. If you look closely you can see where there is a broken, dead branch that occurred during Hurricane Irene and eventually will come down.

I hope this beautiful Birch tree remains standing through my lifetime because I think I would truly miss it! I think the birds would miss it, too!

Only 354 days to go!

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