Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off to the Bathroom

Through My Brown Eyes 365--Day Two
I'll bet I caught you with that title, didn't I? Well, don't most of us hit the bathroom as soon as we get up in the morning? I think so! Actually I'm thinking I should have posted this photo yesterday as this is exactly what I see every morning when I first get up, even before I head downstairs for that all-important first cup of coffee.

This is the view from my bathroom window. I love to look out this window for a bird's-eye view of my garden that blooms brightly all through the spring and summer months. Besides the usual flower plantings, there's also a Japanese Maple that is always gorgeous along with a Burning Bush and a Vitex, which has beautiful purple spikes of blooms and which we almost got rid of one year thinking that it was dead but was only late in blooming. Sure glad we left it alone because it has truly become a joy to us. I'm really going to miss it all after the really cold weather arrives and puts all the flowers and trees to rest. Boohoo!

In case you're wondering about the skylight you see here...and I'm sure you is on the roof over our deck. Hubby installed the roof over our deck many years ago as that was the south-facing side of the house and wow, did it ever get HOT sitting on that deck. In order not to lose so much of the light that helped brighten up the kitchen and dining room, he installed two skylights. Great idea!

Oh gosh, on closer inspection of this photo, it reminds me that my birdbath--which you can barely see way over to the right in the photo--needs to be cleaned and refilled. The birds have been yelling at me the past couple days to get 'er done. Seriously, they have! You should hear them! And right after I had taken this photo, there was a Mourning Dove just sitting in the empty birdbath staring up at me in the window. So off I go to clean the birdbath. Wait---coffee comes first! ;-)

Hope you all have a great day!

Only 363 days to go! Woohoo!

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