Sunday, November 27, 2011


I missed another day of posting. Crap! I have no clue why I forgot to post yesterday. I thought about it a couple times during the day and must have thought I'd already done it but I was wrong. Oh well! To make up for it, here are 2 photos for today!

On our recent visit to Annapolis, MD, which we totally enjoyed in case you didn't know that, we saw so many cool store signs that I had to take photos of them. Some were quite colorful while others were like this one, plain black & white but still pretty cool!
I also found it pretty cool that every little alleyway between the stores had a named street sign. This one was called Cabbage Alley. Isn't that cool?

Annapolis is one of the nicest towns I have ever visited. It is such a clean, friendly town with a heavy police presence which made it feel very safe even though I was with my 6'4" hubby and he probably scared everyone away!! Haha! I hope to visit again sometime when it's not raining. I'll bet it'll be a whole lot more fun on a nice day!

Only 290 days to go!

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