Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Blast from the Past

Hey, remember 35mm cameras? Just barely, right? While doing some housecleaning to gather things together to donate to the Purple Heart, I discovered this old relic! Hard to believe that one time this was my absolute favorite camera above any other I’d ever owned.


There was actually a roll of film still inside with 5 shots left on it. I quickly snapped 5 shots of my Christmas tree and removed the film from the camera. Now what do I do with it? Ha ha! I am so used to removing a memory card from my digital camera and uploading the photos right away to my computer that it feels foreign to me to actually hold a roll of film in my hand.

Do any camera shops still develop 35mm film? Or maybe a CVS or Walgreen’s perhaps? I’m not sure since I haven’t had any 35mm film developed in like, forever. Well, when I figure out where to take it for developing, it’ll be interesting to see what images are on the film and IF they even turn out. I’ll keep you posted!

Only 259 days to go!

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