Saturday, December 31, 2011

To End the Year

Today, the very last day of 2011, was a gorgeous day for December here in the Mid-Atlantic region. When I got up this morning, I asked hubby if he’d like to go to the Shady Maple Farm Market in East Earl, PA since it was such a nice day and he said YES! It was my first time there and you know you NEVER forget your first time! Ha ha!


We bought some bread, lunchmeat and cheese, went to a nearby park, made sandwiches on the tailgate of the truck, and had a picnic. A picnic in December is a rare treat, especially for the very LAST day of December. What a real treat it was!


The scenery out that way is just awesome! Lots of really nice Amish farms to look at along with all the beautiful creeks and streams flowing everywhere. I wish I could share every one of the photos I took today with you but there’s way too many. Here is one more though from today’s trip. I hope you enjoy the photos!


Only 256 days to go!

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