Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Balance

Day 10 of Picture Winter is all about finding perfect balance in an imperfect world. What gives you balance in your busy everyday life? 

Well, since I am a work-at-home kind of gal, I sometimes find it difficult to separate my work duties from my home duties. I am not a real organized person and some days when I should be working on my scrapbooking and stamping business, I find that I'm doing housework instead. That doesn't help grow my business at all! I really have to work on that!

But what I really like about working at home is that I CAN get a balanced diet as it keeps me away from the fast food joints and coffee shops out there. Not that I was ever a huge fan or regular customer of either of those kinds of establishments but the temptation just isn't there. Therefore, my diet remains a constant balance in my life to help keep me healthy. Now if I could just stick to a really good exercise program, I'd be even more balanced. That I AM working on!

Only 246 days to go!

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