Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purple Martin Experience

We have decided to become Purple Martin landlords and if you’re not sure there IS such a thing, check out this website. We are getting ready for them to arrive in our area which actually won’t be until mid-March to mid-April most likely or possibly a bit later. Can you tell we are excited since their arrival is still a long time away? Ha ha!

This housing will be attached to a 12 foot pole and be hoisted up in the air in a wide open spot on our property as Martins prefer open spaces at least 30 feet from the nearest tree. They also LOVE to be near humans so don’t put their housing too far away from YOUR house. PurpleMartinHousing1

Purple Martins are the only birds who rely completely on humans for their housing and ultimately for their survival. Very interesting birds they are. We have learned a lot so far about what our role will be as landlords and we hope to be quite successful in helping them to grow and thrive. Wish us luck! I will keep you posted.

Only 217 days to go!

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