Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Baby Robins

Here's the latest photo of the two newest baby robins. Wow! They sure have grown up fast and will probably be leaving the nest any day now. I have been lucky to get these photos as every time I walk anywhere near this nest, mama bird really freaks out. I don't like upsetting her but I really want to see her babies and get photos so she just has to deal!

I was hoping to have more photos of the two baby bluebirds but when I went out to their box yesterday afternoon they had already flown the coop! I had just checked on them two days before and they were sound asleep in their box then we had a full day of rain and I hadn't checked on them that day. They must have flown out that day or early yesterday morning before I checked the box. I am so upset that I didn't get to see them learning to fly! :-( And I wanted to make sure no predators got them as they were learning. Now I'll never know if they made it out alive. I pray they did!

Only 92 days to go! 

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