Friday, June 1, 2012

Naked as a Bluebird

Baby bluebirds nesting in one of our many bluebird boxes. I'm not sure how many are here but it looks like at least 2, possibly 3. We are keeping our eyes on these little guys because you know there's plenty of larger birds who are wanting to get their beaks on these babies. The worst time for them will be when they are learning to fly as they often fall out of the box while testing out those little wings and that's when the predators will pounce. We are watching!

Only 105 days to go!


  1. Love your photos, Carol. Wonderful examples of our exquisitely beautiful world!

  2. Thanks so much, Josie! This blog was created as a challenge to myself last September to try to post a photo every single day for a full year. Well, I have missed several days - lost track of how many, maybe 10 - but I haven't done too bad with it and I've only got 104 days to go! Thanks again for your comment - they are always appreciated!


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