Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yummy Bread

Yummy zucchini bread I made a couple days ago! You know it's zucchini season and we have a ton so I will be using it in just about everything I cook! You may see more yumminess from me soon!

I modified this recipe to make it a bit healthier by substituting some of the oil with applesauce, used whole wheat flour & organic rice flour instead of regular white flour plus used about half the amount of sugar (I used organic) called for and lo and behold, it was extremely yummy! We didn't even miss the sugar. 

So tell me WHY do companies that make our foods have to add so much extra crap when it really isn't needed? I don't get it! This loaf of bread was so yummy that I will NEVER go back to the old recipe.

Only 69 days to go!

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