Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Favorite Wines

On a recent trip to upstate New York to visit family for my Mom & Dad's 60th anniversary party, which got postponed due to the heat and not wanting to have 10 kids running around in the house, I decided to pop into the best liquor store on the face of the planet - GCP Liquors. They have ANY and EVERY kind of wine you can imagine but best of all, they carry tons of my favorite New York State Finger Lakes wines.

I haven't been able to visit the great wineries in that region for quite awhile and I truly miss them so GCP Liquors is a fantastic way to experience those wineries while not having to visit them.

Luckily I can make a trip to GCP for these delicious wines whenever I visit the family but sure wish my local state store carried them for when I run out. No, not in PA! I can't even order them online from GCP and have them shipped direct to me because the state of PA prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages online from other states! PA is so behind the times! UGH!
Only 37 days to go!

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