Friday, August 17, 2012

Spider Update

Remember this post from a few days ago about a creepy spider hanging in my mums? Well, I have an update on the type of spider this is. A friend of mine - thanks, Mary! - did some research for me and found out that this creepy spider (all spiders are creepy to me) is called a Black & Yellow Argiope and is quite common in gardens. I actually couldn't find the link that Mary sent me but this one also works.

I'd actually forgotten about him for a couple days and when I was watering my mums this morning, I noticed that I got his web all wet. Love how the water drops look, don't you? Can you see the spider in there? He's there, trust me. The squirting hose hardly made him flinch at all. I wonder how long he'll hang around?
Only 29 days to go!

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