Thursday, December 5, 2013

4 on the 4th - December

1. Working on handmade Christmas cards is a lot of fun! I send out between 25-30 cards each Christmas and each one is unique. I don't like to mass-produce my handmade cards so I rarely ever make more than one of the same exact card unless it's coming down to the wire and I'm running out of time.

2. My basket full of supplies for when I work on my Becky Higgins Project Life mini album. I like to carry it to the family room and play while watching TV.

3. Love this antique wooden box (not sure what it's really called) with all it's drawers that my husband inherited from his mom after she passed away last year. I immediately put it to good use in my scrap room and I know she would be pleased to see it is being well taken care of.

4. I know this is silly but I took a photo of my TV when Good Morning America was saying goodbye and good luck to Sam Champion who was leaving the show to join The Weather Channel. I will miss seeing him on GMA and will need to be sure to watch TWC more often now. Best of luck to Sam - he's a great weatherman!

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