Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Vision Board for One Little Word

 This month's assignment for One Little Word is to create a vision board. I have never in my life ever made one of these before and wasn't too keen on the idea to begin with but figured I'd give it a try anyway so I could use the 12" x 12" canvas that I'd had it seems like forever. So here is what I created....

I cut images and words out of one magazine, amazingly the first one on the pile of several, and found exactly what I wanted - wonderful images and words that fit on my canvas perfectly. Although my 'one little word' is purge, it is not on this canvas but that's okay. All the other images and words are indirectly linked to my 'one little word' and what I want to accomplish this year with my word.

After deciding how to arrange the pieces on my canvas, I glued the background words down first then when it was dry, I swiped a couple different color ink pads across it before adhering the other images and word strips down. I then added a few gems and wooden embellishments, a photo of myself, stamped the words 'vision board 2014' and called it done! I love how it turned out!
I decided to take a photo of myself holding my new awesome piece of art, printed it out at 8"x 10" then made a scrapbook page to put in my OLW album. As I said, this was something I had never made before but I totally enjoyed the process as well as the final result.

Happy scrampin'!


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