Saturday, April 5, 2014

April - 4 on the 4th

It's time for 4 on the 4th again so here are the four photos I took yesterday, clockwise from the top left:
  1. This is only the second time a House Finch has visited our finch feeder since we hung it a few days ago. We've been wondering where they've been hiding. Good to see them back! But best of all, earlier today we finally saw two Goldfinches at the feeder and that's even more wonderful! 
  2. Ron is making some adjustments to the Purple Martin house to get it ready to hoist up the pole. Almost there! 
  3. This poor Robin slammed into our dining room sliding glass door yesterday and hit it so hard that he/she pretty much got the breath knocked right out of it. It was stunned and just stayed in that same position for about an hour then flew away like nothing ever happened!
  4. Here's a pic of me reading one of my favorite childhood books - Just Mrs. Goose. I think I read every single one of the books in this series probably a hundred times while I was growing up. I loved those books! I recently purchased a reprint of this book so that I could read it to my grandchildren during one of our Skype visits but decided to read it just one more time before then. 
Hope you've enjoyed my photos today. Have a great day!


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