Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Three 5/29/2014

Hello everyone! Almost forgot it was time for another 'selfie' and some random facts about me. I have been busy in my craft room today learning about letterpress. I recently bought a new We R Memory Keepers Evolution Advanced machine from HSN and it came with a Letterpress kit. I have no clue how it works though. What a great deal it was though! But that is a story for another day so on to my 'selfie' and facts.

  1. I love sitting on this bench under our birch tree especially while enjoying a glass of wine!
  2. Since today was another crappy rainy day, this photo was actually taken a couple days ago by my husband so technically it's not a 'selfie' but I won't tell anyone if you won't! 
  3. I am getting excited for my scrapping friends to come play with me on Saturday. 
Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Three 5/22/14

Hello! It's time for Thursday Three again so here's three random facts about me right now:

  1. I pretty much just wear t-shirts and capris this time of year.
  2. I am loving this hanging flower basket that we got at the Green Dragon farmer's market in Ephrata a couple weeks ago for just $14.50! What a steal! I am so happy it hasn't died yet. 
  3. I am wishing the weather would get back to normal again. So tired of cool, rainy and/or windy days!
Have a good day!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sad News in our Backyard Bird World

I know you all aren't bird lovers like myself but I had to share this with those of you out there who take any interest in or care about nature. We were so upset to see this mess the other day. Is this the work of an English House Sparrow? I believe so!

We think a pair of Tree Swallows that successfully fledged 4 young last year came back again this year because they were early and went straight to the same box. We were so excited to see them because we figured the Purple Martins weren't too far behind. Well, when we saw this, we were heartbroken.

We have been very vigilant in watching for these buggers but we had very heavy rain last Thursday & Friday so I wasn't at the window or outside every 5 minutes because I figured nothing would be going on - boy, was I wrong!

This Tree Swallow pair had 5 eggs - 3 of which we found on the ground under the box where they were nesting and 2 that had hatched. I found one of the babies just barely alive in our veggie garden while the other was found several feet away already dead. This is truly heartbreaking so we need to be even more vigilant now.

In case you aren't aware, the English House Sparrow as well as the European Starling are non-native to the United States and CAN and MUST be eliminated in order to save many of our lovely native birds such as the Tree Swallows, Purple Martins and Bluebirds. Some of you may think these birds are pretty - I don't! they are the ugliest birds on the face of this earth in my opinion - but they can do major damage to the population of our native birds.

Please consider trapping and/or shooting these birds if you encounter them in your yard. Put screens over your chimneys to keep the Starlings out - that is one of their favorite places to nest. Learn what a House Sparrow's nest looks like and remove it whenever you find one. Please do your part to help our Bluebirds, Purple Martins and Tree Swallows as well as other native birds to survive and thrive here in the US.

Ok, getting off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening! Have a great day!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Three 5/15/14

Three random facts about me right now:
  1. The first 'selfie' taken with my new DSLR camera that I got for Mother's Day! Gee, somebody really does love me! And I love all the reflections of myself.
  2. I am still hopeful that we will get Purple Martins to nest this year.
  3. I am taking another awesome online class with Big Picture Classes that started today - The Art + Science of Scrapbooking.
Have a great day!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday Three 5/8/14

I need to stop getting involved in so many projects. I keep forgetting what I am supposed to post and when! Agh! Here's my Thursday Three photo and random facts about me for today!

  1. I did a lot of bird-watching today. Didn't accomplish much of anything else but I enjoyed the birds. I thought I saw some Purple Martins but alas, they were just Tree Swallows again!
  2. I participated in Ali Edwards' Day in the Life challenge today so I was taking tons of photos all day long. Now I have to edit them all and decide which ones to use.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this absolutely gorgeous day. I think we hit 75 degrees and it felt really nice! 
Have a good night!


Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4 on the 4th

Hello! It's time to share 4 photos I took yesterday on the 4th of May.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. My husband has been on a brownie kick lately so I find myself baking them at least once a week now. Soon he'll move onto something else and I can't wait to see what that might be. 
  2. Cheating on the cole slaw! I'm not in the mood to spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days so I cut time down any way I can. There's no quicker way to make a delicious cole slaw.
  3. My dad passed away back in December as some of you may remember and on my last trip up north to visit my mom she gave me these framed pictures to bring back with me. The 2 cross-stitch items were ones I had made many years ago as gifts for my dad and the picture frame holds a photo of my children when they were young, which they had given to him also as a gift. All three of them went through a flood many years ago and although they had a lot of water damage, my dad cleaned them up as best he could because he loved them. They hung on his basement wall until my mom told me to take them home with me a couple weeks ago. I will clean them up, maybe re-frame them and find a wall to hang them on here in my home as a tribute to my dad who I miss very much!
  4. I love this sign Ron & I found on our trip to the Green Dragon farmer's market in Ephrata. It says it all!
Have a great day!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Three 5/1/14

Hello, hello! It's that time again where I share a 'selfie' and 3 random facts about me so here we go......

  1. I'm so excited today because my daughter got a new job that she is so excited about! Are you ready for this? She's going to be working for QVC! Isn't that awesome?
  2. I got my teeth cleaned this week and it always feels so good!
  3. I am totally enjoying this warm day after the torrential rains we had for 2 days. Whoa! That was unreal and I'm glad it's over!
Have a great day!