Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sad News in our Backyard Bird World

I know you all aren't bird lovers like myself but I had to share this with those of you out there who take any interest in or care about nature. We were so upset to see this mess the other day. Is this the work of an English House Sparrow? I believe so!

We think a pair of Tree Swallows that successfully fledged 4 young last year came back again this year because they were early and went straight to the same box. We were so excited to see them because we figured the Purple Martins weren't too far behind. Well, when we saw this, we were heartbroken.

We have been very vigilant in watching for these buggers but we had very heavy rain last Thursday & Friday so I wasn't at the window or outside every 5 minutes because I figured nothing would be going on - boy, was I wrong!

This Tree Swallow pair had 5 eggs - 3 of which we found on the ground under the box where they were nesting and 2 that had hatched. I found one of the babies just barely alive in our veggie garden while the other was found several feet away already dead. This is truly heartbreaking so we need to be even more vigilant now.

In case you aren't aware, the English House Sparrow as well as the European Starling are non-native to the United States and CAN and MUST be eliminated in order to save many of our lovely native birds such as the Tree Swallows, Purple Martins and Bluebirds. Some of you may think these birds are pretty - I don't! they are the ugliest birds on the face of this earth in my opinion - but they can do major damage to the population of our native birds.

Please consider trapping and/or shooting these birds if you encounter them in your yard. Put screens over your chimneys to keep the Starlings out - that is one of their favorite places to nest. Learn what a House Sparrow's nest looks like and remove it whenever you find one. Please do your part to help our Bluebirds, Purple Martins and Tree Swallows as well as other native birds to survive and thrive here in the US.

Ok, getting off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening! Have a great day!


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