Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Three 7/3/14

Did you miss me? It seems I forgot to post Thursday Three last week. Well, that's really no surprise at all to me as I seem to be getting quite lax anymore with all the features I like to post here. I have to sorry!

On to 3 random facts about me.....

  1. I'm having a bad hair day. I put a headband in it and haven't done anything else with it!
  2. I'm wearing a very old t-shirt I bought many, many years ago at Glenora Wine Cellars in Dundee, NY - one of my most favorite wineries in the Finger Lakes Region. I will most likely keep it till it falls apart, I love it that much!
  3. I am so excited about the new Close To My Heart Annual Inspirations catalog! It is absolutely the BEST.ONE.EVER!
Have a great day!


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